Tasks 16 - 20

16.  Skype
  • One time set up tasks (suggest you ask your family or friends to do this for you)
    • Download and install program
    • Create account  
    • Connection test (recommended but not necessary every time) - microphone, speaker and camera tests
  • Sign in (can choose to sign in automatically when Skype starts, if you are using a private computer)
  • Search for new contacts  (type your friend's name in the search box with a magnifying glass!)
    • Send request to connect to a friend you know
    • Accept request (only if you are sure who invited you!)
  • Click on contact and see their status (on-line or off-line), city and local time
  • Free services
    • Video call
    • Audio call (voice only, if both parties don't have camera, or on slow connection)
    • Chat or Instant Messaging
    • Video message (Click the "+" button next to Call button, choose Send Video Message, record your message by click the record  button in the middle bottom, when finished, click the same button and then Send).
    • Group or conference audio calls
  • Common issues
    • "I cannot see you!" - make sure "you" turn on video (click the left most of the 4 buttons appearing when cursor is on the video display area.
    • "I cannot hear you!" - make sure "you" turn on audio (click the 2nd button of the 4) - or adjust the speaker volume (a speaker like icon on the right side of your Windows task bar)
    • "How do I hang up?" - click on the right most of the 4 buttons.
  • Paid services
    • Group video calls (have to have Skype premium)
    • Calls to phone numbers in ALL countries (need Skype credit)
    • SMS to mobile phone numbers (need Skype credit)
17. Upcoming...... (this part will change depending on demand, as we move on)
  • Tell us what you want to learn, like:
    • Ease of Access Centre - manage Windows to suit your need (e.g. Narrator, Magnifier)
    • Google Calendar - manage your events, create reminders
    • Microsoft Excel - using spreadsheets to do calculations or manage your spending
    • Microsoft Powerpoint - creating presentation slides
    • Blogging? Not here, You might want to look up the dates for upcoming course for Blogging Basics for U3A Campbelltown.

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