Friday, 12 July 2013

Volunteer group leaders

About Susan Dawe
Susan has recently retired as a part-time research/project officer with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons on the Simulated Surgical Skills Program The Simulated Surgical Skills Program (SSSP) was a research program charged with the development, implementation and assessment of a new laparoscopic surgical skills training curriculum. This was fun! More like being paid to play computer games and watch videos at first (though videos of surgery some people might not see as fun!).

In 2009 Susan retired after 20 years as Senior Reseach Fellow with the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd. She piloted the National TAFE/VET Graduate Destination surveys and VET Employer surveys in 1993 and went on to write and edit many research reports and books which are available on the website

Susan has a Masters of Science degree and  started as a Science teacher but spent 17 years in medical and scientific research before changing to surveys and then vocational education research. Susan's interests include travel (hence off to South America later this term), embroidery, textile art, theatre and keeping fit with osteoarthritis. Susan is currently Secretary of U3A Campbelltown.

About Glenda Sherwin-Lane
With a business administration background, Glenda taught herself word processing from a manual over 25 years ago.  This gave her an awareness of the need to provide clear, simple and logical instructions to learners and trainees across an eclectic field.  A training course through Modbury TAFE helped to formalise the training process.

Glenda has recently returned to Adelaide after a 17 year 'sojourn' in Melbourne where she owned a restaurant for several years before moving back into the office and a "normal" 9-5 day.  

A large part of her professional life has been with non-government organisations and she has been volunteering in various roles since she was 15 years of age.  Now retired, Glenda is delighted to have this opportunity to share her knowledge and skills with the more mature members of the local community and to show them how to access the world through their fingertips and a few key strokes.

About Herman Lam
Herman worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years.  He started as a Computer Operator and worked at different positions including Systems Analyst, IT department head, Project Manager and Regional IT Consultant, mainly serving the Financial Services business.
Herman migrated to South Australia in 2011. 
Now semi-retired, he is seeking fun from a wide range of interest while having a casual job in a Men's Shed.

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